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Help your team shoot lower scores and practice more effectively with DECADE's proven strategies and tools.

What Is DECADE For College Teams?

DECADE is a proven strategy to help players make better decisions and lower their scores.

In the 2021-2022 season, DECADE helped over 200 college teams improve their game. We introduced our newest add-on option, Combines, which over 150 teams took advantage of this past season. Because of the success and popularity of Combines, we are now including it with the purchase of DECADE.

Discover Your Competitive Advantage

– A place to learn tour-proven strategies on how to play golf in the most statistically intelligent manner through tons of video content and tutorials.

– A stats portal that provides feedback that is easy to understand and act upon.

– Unlimited yardage books for every golf course in the world.

– A Combines Feature that provides skills tests that measure proficiency and promote improvement in different areas of the game.

– The Driving Target which is our newest addition that allows the user to map out a golf course through satellite footage off every tee in 5-10 minutes.

DECADE For Colleges Includes:

  • DECADE Elite for all players and coaches
  • Unlimited yardage books
  • Combines that make practice more competitive, structured and most importantly, they help make players better.
  • Ability to access add-ons (Keep Scrolling for more information)



    Revolutionary Results

    Our job as coaches is to optimize our players' performance and DECADE is a major aspect of that process. If DECADE is not a part of your coaching strategy, you and your team are at a disadvantage. The recent addition of Chris with his innovative strategies proves that DECADE will continue to raise the bar in this industry.

    — John Handrigan, Notre Dame Men's Golf

    DECADE has opened our collective eye to making smarter on-course decisions. It’s easy to use and gives our players emotionless decisions for each and every shot.

    — Rich Mueller, Columbia Men's Golf

    We really dove into DECADE this year with the videos and putting SIM. Chris has helped us tremendously, and it has made a huge impact with our players’ putting and scoring! We have seen remarkable results, and each player loves the process they are learning. They have gone “all in” and embraced the concepts within DECADE! It has been an amazing tool and helpful in our coaching.

    — Angie Ravaioli-Larkin, TCU Women's Golf

    DECADE College Addons

    In addition to the incredible benefits and tools included in DECADE for colleges, the following add-ons are offered for even more functionality and lower scores.

    TEAM Elite - $349

    This add-on includes qualifying management, qualifying with live scoring with your team. It also includes full calendar support and custom reporting which allows you to receive qualifying, practice and tournament reports.

    • Qualifying with live scoring
    • Qualifying leaderboard
    • Custom reporting
    • Full calendar support
    • Trend analysis
    • Visualizing chart tools

    PRACTICE Rx - $199 (Only $99 With Team Elite)

    This add-on includes the ability to create your own drills for your team or for specific players. Practice Rx also includes the Practice Locker which gives players the ability to access the drills at any time they want to practice.

    • Auto generate practices of any duration
    • Generate 'Game Improvement' practices for each player
    • Create and track drill practices for your team

    DECADE For College Addons Breakdown

    TEAM Elite
    • Qualifying with live scoring
    • Qualifying leaderboard
    • Custom reporting
    • Full calendar support
    • Trend analysis
    • Visualizing chart tools
    • Auto generate practices of any duration
    • Generate 'Game Improvement' practices for each player
    • Create and track drill practices for your team
    • NOTE: Practice Rx is $99/Team if you purchase Team Elite.

    Undeniable Results

    The Zambricade Combines have been a great addition to our team practices in fall 2021. The line tests have provided a detailed look at my team's ball striking prowess on a weekly basis while producing data for the coaching staff plus intense competition amongst the team. The simulated putting test which determines speed ratio has been a game changer for my team. Having kept detailed team putting stats, for the last 6 years, I'm excited to say our make rate inside of 10 feet has gone up considerably and we have 10% fewer 3 putts this fall since making the simulated putting test a staple of our putting practice.

    — Shane Howell, Texas State Men's Golf

    I’ve been coaching a long time and am constantly in search of technology, equipment or any other device that can give us an edge. Scott Fawcett, DECADE and now Coach Zambri have given us a variety of tools to help our players make better decisions in competition, measure the most important stats and provide valuable feedback for players and coaches alike. The biggest gain I have seen is by using the simulated putting rounds. These “drills” take less than 30 minutes and provide such important feedback for our players relative to their ability to control speed on the greens. Absolute game changer for us!

    — MaryLou Mulflur, University of Washington Women's Golf

    DECADE has been a pivotal part of our player analysis post tournaments for over three years now. The statistics and GPS models provide an objective picture as to why a player scored the way they did. It's easy to dissect for both myself and the players because there is pertinent information but we don't get bogged down with too many numbers. Additionally, Chris has been an incredible asset on coaching high performance putting that has made a difference for us in both the short and long term. He's opened some doors on ideas for speed control training, tactics and just overall lessons learned from his time as collegiate coach.

    — Jan Dowling, University of Michigan Women's Golf

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