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Tired of leaving shots on the course? DECADE is a proven strategy system to help you make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores.

The DECADE (R)evolution

What Is

The DECADE Course Management System, created by Scott Fawcett, has solved golf strategy by combining shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics. When Scott combined those two data sets he created a simple way to optimize target selection. Good players know if a pin is closely guarded by a lake to favor the center of the green – but how much? DECADE quickly generates the optimal target that will produce the lowest score based on distance, hazards, and hole location.


The Story Behind
The System

A Dallas junior was the first player to put the DECADE Course Management System into action in the Summer of 2014. How did it go? He vaulted from being ranked outside the top 3,000 to #3 in the world in THREE MONTHS! Along the way he won the U.S. Junior Championship, the Texas Amateur, and the TransMiss Championship.

  • Texas Amateur
  • U.S. Junior Amateur
  • TransMiss Championship

DECADE In 2023

Hear the mastermind behind DECADE, Scott Fawcett, talk about DECADE golf in 2023 and how it can improve YOUR game!
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What Can You Expect

Elite junior or amateur players often experience the frustration of making a great golf swing at a low percentage target with less than desired results. The DECADE system offers players a methodology to easily select optimal targets that consider the entire shot pattern.

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Optimize the course to YOUR golf game

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Replicable checklist for pressure situations

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Increased birdie attempts

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Learn the value of ‘Strokes gained’

App Features

Within the DECADE app, you will find multiple features which will help you to learn and implement the strategy system.


The most fundamental part of DECADE is ensuring you understand the system. Within the app, you can find many hours of video content designed to teach you the system and ensure you utilize it correctly. All of the videos are narrated by the creator of DECADE, Scott Fawcett.

Stat Tracking

How can you measure success without statistics? You can't! This is why the DECADE app offers robust stat tracking tools to precisely identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Yardage Books

A fundamental part of the DECADE system is preparation. Yardage books help you to lay out a plan for the golf course to reduce the frequency of big numbers. The DECADE app has custom yardage books available to download to ensure you play your best.

DECADE Combines (NEW!)

DECADE Combines is a brand new feature inside of the app. It uses AR technology to help you practice recognizing shot patterns and practice more efficiently.

Used By
The Best

While DECADE is used by highly-accomplished professionals, it can help all players looking to improve their course strategy including junior golfers, collegiate players, scratch golfers, weekend warriors, 5 handicaps, 15 handicaps… you get the idea.
Bryson Dechambeau
Bryson Dechambeau

I use a system Scott Fawcett came up with. He's helped me understand the percentages of going for flags and when not to.

Will Zalatoris
Will Zalatoris

You've given me 25 years of experience in 5 days. Pretty awesome man, thanks so much.

Stewart Cink
Stewart Cink

Scott has quantified what I've always thought and felt in my gut...l subscribe to the DECADE materials just like any other member of the public, I paid for it...we've adhered to it ever since the win in Napa, it was our first go with (DECADE). I think it's a great way to play golf. You just have to learn it, trust it, and implement's great, it's been something we can lean on.

Webb Simpson

These young guys have more information than we've ever had. You have DECADE golf... all these tools and technology to help high schoolers and college players get better, hit it further, understand the game better.


Frequently Asked Questions

DECADE Foundations VS Elite

Since launching the DECADE App three years ago we have learned many things, not the least of which is that it can quickly make virtually anyone a much better player, and it’s a lot for younger or less experienced players to consume. The Elite version of the DECADE App was designed to replace the live DECADE Seminar which is over four hours long and intended for elite players. We did not anticipate all the interest it would generate with junior golfers and mid-handicap players. I guess we should have.

With that in mind we have created DECADE Foundations to replace our Lite product to better serve that audience. Foundations will drastically slow down the avalanche of information within the App. This will more appropriately match the Golf IQ of our subscribers. Over the course of six months the content within the App will walk a player through the basics of course management and mindset slowly morphing into the Elite version of strategy over time. The statistics portal will also start slow and build into a robust and easy to use portal.

Will DECADE Work For An 80s Shooter?

DECADE, especially DECADE Foundations, is designed to teach all golfers how to make better decisions and shoot lower scores regardless of their scoring average. The principles taught within DECADE apply to golfers of all skill levels, not just the elite players.

What's Included in the App?

The exact features inside of the DECADE app depend on your membership level; however, you will have certain features within the app regardless of your membership including informative videos guiding you through the DECADE system, stats portals, custom yardage books, practice tools, and much more.

Make Smarter Decisions